Our Mission

To create beautiful, functional software for our clients.  
Together, we can solve problems and improve lives, through innovative technological solutions. 

Our Team

Our Story

Our founder Mike is an ex financial services guy and is a real people person. He’s a strong believer that everyone is connected and that life (and business) is all about relationships. Mike got into software because he wanted to improve the way his insurance clients and their various trusted advisers communicated.  After going on the software development journey himself, he realised that there were quite a few things he could have done better, and that he could use these learnings to help others on their software journey.

Simone has been in business since she was 18, with her first software company operating in the travel and accounting industries. Subsequently deciding to focus on business management, including in manufacturing, she’s come full circle back to her first passion – software - as the CEO at Geekseat.

Through their combined business experiences, Mike and Simone have had exposure to a great deal of different industries and people trying to solve problems through software.

Simone is a little bit obsessed about on time delivery.  Mike’s key driver is happy clients and great relationships.

When Simone came on board, Geekseat was focused squarely on the Developer as a Service offering.  At that point, Geekseat wasn’t providing project management services and she quickly noticed that clients were continuously struggling with missed deadlines and cost blowouts. Coming from engineering and manufacturing, she was mystified at the response from people she spoke to in the industry “Software projects always go overtime and over budget”.  Everyone seemed resigned to an outcome that would be unacceptable in any other industry. Never one to ignore a challenge,  Simone set out to solve this conundrum.

It has taken a couple of years, a lot of listening, conversations, system implementations and a great team but now we’ve got it nailed.

We’ll even share the secret with you.

All we need to do is make sure we know what you want.

If you get what you want on time and on budget then you are happy and so are we. This is the foundation and driver of Mike’s “great relationships” ethos.

Our Client Portfolio

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Client Stories

Developer as a Service

We have an outstanding working experience with Geekseat, and I look forward to continuing a successful partnership long into the future.

Having used Geekseat Software as a Service now for the last 4 years we have found it an ideal fit for our software business – supporting our sales growth and strategy and internal operational requirements across our clients in both ANZ and APAC.

Based with our ANZ HQ in Brisbane and servicing software to the recruitment market we provide complex data conversions services to on-board our new clients, as well as providing specific client site customisation to our software allowing the clients to make the database their own.

The ability to scale up or down as required with Geekseat, has allowed us to create significant cost savings, whilst improving and maintaining a high quality of service for all our clients.

Having been burnt before many years ago by outsourcing development to India, I initially had reservation of going down the same route again, I am however very happy to say that this has not been the case with Geekseat and I see them as a very trusted partner to my business.

Unlike other providers, Geekseat has a transparent, proactive & open communication approach to delivering their services and as a result we have developed a very strong relationship and wonderful working environment.

We have an outstanding working experience with Geekseat, and I look forward to continuing a successful partnership long into the future.

Brian Hill - Director - RDBnow Pty Ltd

Underpinning any relationship is trust which, in the case of Geekseat, has been earned.

PowerHouse Hub has utilised the skills and expertise of Geekseat since 2019. While we have our own inhouse development team, there are times that we have projects that challenge our resourcing capacity. At these times, we engage Geekseat as a trusted partner to support us with short term resourcing requirements, inclusive of development and testing.

  • Accountability  – deliver to agreed deadlines on time with transparent systems and processes in place
  • Project Management – we always own our projects and as such our Production Manager liaises directly with the Geekseat Project Manager on a regular basis to define requirements and deliverables
  • Quality – we expect and receive the same high quality of work that our own team delivers
  • Expertise – we need people with the skills and capability to join projects at short notice. We don’t have time for long lead times nor do we want to invest in upskilling someone else’s team
  • Standards -  security and protection of IP is paramount
  • Ease of communication – we don’t experience language barriers that are often a consideration with off-shore development teams
  • Accessibility – the management team are always responsive and accessible

Tony Carrucan
CEO & Managing Director- PowerHouse Hub

Loryn Feeney
General Manager - PowerHouse Hub

Geekseat has a been a trusted strategic partner to Credenxia for over two years.

The Geekseat development team has provided impeccable multi-level support to complement our local development operations. With a rapid international expansion of the business, the expertise provided by Geekseat to meet operational objectives has been exemplary, in delivery and met all stakeholder expectations.

As a fast growing Enterprise SaaS platform, we have absolute confidence in the Geekseat capability, expertise and forward-thinking service approach. It is our intention to continue collaborating as valued partners in our long-term strategic roadmap.

The Credenxia development team has been thoroughly impressed with the level of skill and aptitude in team members that Geekseat have provided. Additionally any changes in our requirements are forecast by Geekseat and they continually have a high standard of resourcing available to us who are quick to onboard.

The executive and operational team have consistently recommended Geekseat, first and foremost, to any professional colleagues seeking development solutions that require world class delivery, paired with world class expertise. Our selection of Geekseat as our partner of choice came down to some key factors which include;

Terry Jones
CEO - Credenxia

Geekseat Project Services

Pontoon has been using Geekseat for over 12 months across multiple projects and we have been highly impressed with their approach.

From unearthing what is required across all stakeholders at the start. To final delivery and review after launch to ensure the highest level of delivery. Geekseatʼs broad skills team and their ability to scale where required aligns perfectly to our varying client needs that change frequently. We at Pontoon would recommend partnering with Geekseat for all your development needs no matter how large or small

Peter Vogel

Co-founder – Pontoon Platform