Geekseat is your development partner

Here at Geekseat we exist to create beautiful, functional and user centric software solutions. We work with our client partners to deliver:

  • Full stack software development
  • System architecture
  • Business analysis
  • End to end project management
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • DevOps
  • Technical documentation
  • UX/UI
  • Website creation

We turn your ideas and business needs into reality. Whether it is rescuing incomplete projects, fixing buggy code, acting as your help desk or maintaining your server environments, we have the right solution.

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Software Developer as a Service (SDaaS)

Looking for a flexible solution to increase your software development team?

We de-risk dealing with fluctuations in work flow and demand by providing a fully scalable service with a depth of skills you wouldn’t be able to replicate by using permanent staff. We take responsibility for our team, dealing with leave, tax, insurances and other legal obligations. You just need to let us know what skills and resources you need.

You are responsible for:

  • Project Management
  • Specifications
  • Final Code Review
  • Tasks assignment
  • Code Repository
  • Infrastructure

We are responsible for:

  • Weekly Timesheet Reporting
  • Updating status of work completed
  • Keeping you informed of work progress
  • KPIs
  • Developer Hardware
  • Standard Developer Software

Software Developer as a Service Process


Understanding your development team requirements. Including the tech stack you work with, the skill sets you require and the timing for provision of resources.


Once we understand your exact requirements, we will provide you with a quote and developer agreement.

Team Selection

Next we provide developer CVʼs for your review. Followed by online interviews for each team member. It is important that youʼre confident each team member will work well with your local team.


Once youʼve selected your team members and signed off on the developer agreement, we set a start date for the team to commence.

Geekseat Professional Solutions (GPS)

Do you need a team to build out your entire end to end solution?

Geekseat Professional Solutions is your one stop development shop. Whether you have an idea that you want to develop or a fully fleshed out specification, we can provide you with the team to turn that idea into a market ready reality.

Our teams are experienced in the full software development lifecycle and can partner you on all or part of the journey depending on your needs.

Our in house skills include:

  • Analysis of the software development concept to produce a software design concept
  • Building specification documentation
  • Providing costing estimates
  • Recommending and setting up infrastructure
  • Designing and implementing software architecture
  • Creating the software product
  • Managing quality assurance and testing throughout the build
  • Detailed reporting
  • Support and maintenance

Geekseat Project Solution Process


Discovery Meeting

You share your idea and vision with us to make sure there is a good fit between what you need and what we can deliver together

Discovery Review

Our chance to share our understanding of your vision, goals and success criteria and what our initial approach to the project might look like


Scope Document

Together we fully unpack your idea and look for the best way to deliver value to your end users in the shortest possible time. The results are delivered in a detailed document that is used to guide development

Engagement Agreement

Based on the estimated development time from the Scope Document, we will provide either a fixed or flexible cost estimate in the form of an Engagement Agreement


Set Up

We allocate exactly the right resources based on your project needs and set up the technical resources your development team will use to build your Application

Development Kick Off

We begin developing! Development runs in 2 weekly cycles and you are involved in the process as the product owner with overall decision making control. Project oversight is handled by your dedicated Project Manager

Go Live

Once you give final approval that your Application is fit for purpose, we deploy the App to your live server ready to be accessed by your end users


Application Support

We can provide peace of mind by fully supporting your Application once it’s live and making sure any issues are dealt with quickly with minimum disruption.

Our team at Geekseat is able to handle the full lifecycle of software development.