Smart Solutions

Our Capabilities

We are able to handle the full gauntlet

of software services.

Software  Development

We take a flexible approach to software development, and can recommend the appropriate methodology to suit your project. From Agile Software Development to Waterfall to Scrum, with over 50 stacks in our portfolio, we have the right team.

Our collective team has a vast depth of knowledge, using smart collaborative techniques, we pool our knowledge and resources to produce best practice results for your projects.

Our options include (but are not limited to):

  • Supplement your existing team (as if you have an extra employee)
  • Perform set assigned tasks
  • Solve specific problems
  • Build a specific module
  • Bug fix
  • Add features to existing code
  • Develop new code from scratch

We can do short to long term projects, we are completely and utterly flexible.

Project Management

We can work with you on the entire journey, or step in to an existing project at any stage.

Geekseat Project Managers can take charge of your entire project, manage our team and yours, from inception to care and maintenance. Experienced leaders used to handling multiple projects, teams across a range of industries, they will simply deliver.

We keep you informed.

Our reporting services range from:

  • Daily meetings
  • Weekly timesheets
  • Sprint planning reports
  • Sprint retrospective reports
  • Regular interactions with regards to project requirements
  • Active expectation management

All project specifications are documented, clearly defined and quoted. Variations are confirmed in writing.

We actively combat cost run-overs and scope creep.


We can build and maintain robust and reliable systems which form the core of your operations.

Our DevOps engineers can plan, architect, build and maintain simple to complex hardware and software infrastructure systems. We can work across any platform, operating system or design parameters. We advice on the best systems for you, whether you are focussed on uptime, high volume, costs or speed, we help you balance your requirements to achieve the most practical outcome, advising the benefits and disadvantages of various solutions.

Our corporate focus on the latest technology means that we know what is currently available in the marketplace.

Business Analysis

We can work with you on the entire journey, or step in to an existing project at any stage.

  • Interviews with key stakeholders to establish requirements
  • Analysis of business and workflow
  • Establishing functionality use prospects and requirements
  • Recommending best practice solutions
  • Scoping documentation
  • Creating the user stories
  • Managing backlog items
  • Ensuring software development stays true to design requirements
  • Working closely with stakeholders through delivery ensuring business and user requirements are met
  • Maintaining development team focus on project
  • Business analysis: gather background info, identify stakeholders, business objectives, evaluate options, scope
  • Define project requirements, writing user stories, propose development priorities
  • Support implementation using software development methodologies e.g. scrum, kanban
  • Evaluate project: value added to business, project progress
  • All project specifications are documented, clearly defined and quoted. Variations are confirmed in writing
  • We actively combat cost run-overs and scope creep

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team will allow you to deliver a product beyond expectations. Using a specialised Quality Assurance team means that your software developers aren't testing their own work, resulting in a better allocation of resources. Utilising formal testing protocols, we offer manual and automated testing solutions, including integration into your documentation or operation system.

We offer the full suite of testing and quality assurance services, including:

  • Building and developing testing and quality assurance plans
  • Manual Testing including Acceptance, Black Box, Compatibility, Exploratory, Functional, Regression and Usability Testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Automation testing
  • Integration with Azure / AWS
  • Create and maintain Test documentation including Test Case Development, Test Plan and Test Strategy
  • We can do short to long term projects

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is critical to your project's ongoing success.

It allows you to

  • Handle changes in key team members seamlessly
  • Trace bugs quickly and effectively
  • Deal with third party software upgrades effectively
  • Implement trouble free code upgrades
  • Provide a better user experience
  • Deal with infrastructure changes easily